• have just gone online. Played grand theft auto 4, modern warfare online no problems byt everytime i play fifa09 i get big problems with lag and diconnections. Any help please before i go crazy!!!!!:huh:
  • Part of it may be EA's servers, to be honest. Also, their games tend to use extra ports that need to be open that most games do not. They should be listed in the manual.
  • I haven't had to open any ports and have not experienced any major lag on FIFA09.

    You do get some from time to time, but mainly it depends on who you are playing, if they are in another country you sometimes do get problems.

    Try playing PES09 online, THEN you will know the meaning of lag.

    Seriousley though, i don't think its the ports this time.
  • Having problems getting online with fifa 09-works fine until try to go online then signs me out automatically-help!