Red Light of Death
  • I have PS3 40GB which was purchased from Dubai.I had a problem with the Blu-ray Drive & had to get it replaced.This happend around 6 months ago. Now i have a new problem. My PS3 switches off after a minute with the red light blinking for 10 secs or so.I dont know wat to do.. Wat could the problem be?
    Can Some one plz help with regards to the problem Plzz... thnks
  • Sounds like you may want to get the system looked at again- i think it could be an overheating problem.
  • Is it serious damage?? It's not a Motherboard problem is it?What if it is not a over heating problem? I read on one of the threads where you mentioned that it could be a Blue Ray Diode problem Wht's dat??I have given it for repairs & am expectin a call from him in a hour or so..
  • Hey.Hope you can help me out with my problem..My repair guy tells me that my Fan is not working which caused overheating due to which the Motherboard IC is now fried.. He says that he's gotta replace the Fan Coil & Motherboard IC... It's gonna cost me around 130-150$. I am living in India & Sony refuses to touch it saying that they dont reapir PS3's.Can i order the parts online???
  • Somewhat as I expected. While there would be some sites out there that you could get the parts you'll need to be careful about ordering the correct ones. A Google search should turn them up (not allowed to link to commercial sites here). Honestly, i think I'd rather get a new system.
  • I just got my PS3 back home. I have switched it on & am Playing a movie from it's hardisk.It has been 20 minutes & it's working fine, has not switched off but is now giving me a new problem.It is not accepting any disk ie the drive is not pulling a disk when I insert one. I think it's just acase of overheating. Shoud I buy some cooling fans for it?
  • the fan is working fine.It's blowing out the hot air.What other fan does a PS3 have other than the exhaust fan.
  • I dont understand wat could be the problem??? Iam Confused as to wat to do??
  • I think when they did some looking around inside they may have damaged something in regards to the disc drive itself. I would suggest taking it back and tell them what is happening.
  • yeah even i think so. the thing is he claims he has not opened the PS3 at all.I told him that he has 2 reapir my disc drive & he agreed cuz it was his mistake.neways the only prob i had yesterday was that my movie hanged up bt the pS3 was working. i Have now ordered a cooling fan & am gonna get the thing dusted & cleaned.Ithinbk that should do the trick.It think it's just a case of overheating.heard it's a regular problem with the 40GB model
  • If by cooling fan you mean one of those that clip onto the PS3 like the Intercooler, cancel that order. Those can do more harm than good to the system. Best to keep the system in an open area and give the thing a break every couple of hours if going into extended sessions.
  • i haven't ordered it bt ppl are saying it actually reduces the temprature. I usually play for no more than 2-3 hrs max.. at a even less . the fan makes a lot of noise... plus am sacred it will gt damaged.. wat cooling fan should i order or neother coolin device. Is it safe to keep standing on the harddisk??
  • hey Lyndon i am having the same problem 2day wen i kep it vertical....wat should i do ?? am outta warranty
  • I personally think it is products that are from Dubai itself. This was ages ago but I purchased a new phone (Sony Ericsson K850i) from Dubai Intl Airport and a few months later the touch screen buttons had broken so i was unable to use the phone at all, Luckily I had warranty so I could send it to Sony Ericsson to get it repaired. But a few months later that phone got stolen from me while I was away from it. It could be me or some of Products from Dubai are doomed.
  • yeah i guesss i agree with you..