Need internet connection help
  • Hi,

    I live in an apartment complex off of my college campus that has a wired internet connection but every time I try to connect I get the error code 80710A06. When I bring my PS3 home on winter break and what have you it connects fine to our wireless internet. What can I do to connect at my apartment? Thanks for the help.
  • You may be getting that error due to the firewall being too tightly closed up to let the PSN traffic through. The official explanation of that error is "An error occurred during the install operation (error when downloading game from PSN - network error occured".
  • Do you know of how I can fix this problem?
  • It can find the IP address but then it fails to connect to the internet.
  • There may be nothing you can do if you have no access to things like port forwarding. You may need to discuss it with the people that manage the complex's internet hook up.
  • Well when I first moved here it connected fine, then it just stopped all of a sudden. Do you know by chance what information I would need to get from them?
  • Could I possibly just need them to open up ports in their firewall? Sorry but I'm pretty clueless when it comes to these kinds of things.
  • If they are willing to open the ports that will definitely help- however, i won't be too surprised if they won't due to security concerns. The ports needed are in the thread pinned to the very top of this section.

    As for other information to get from them, ask for the DNS Server addresses along the default gateway and router IP. If they assign you a specific IP address get this too- you can then add all of these into the PS3's settings manually.
  • Thanks for your help.