Tomb raider Help..
  • In the first game, where Lara is in a stage with many water levels and gators, there are keys that you have to get. I think the stage is The Cistern.. Anyway, I have a gold key, but there's a silver key I have to get. It's beind a door and I can't find ANY way to get the door open. I've done every other thing I can think of. Can anyone help?
  • Aha!! A Tomb Raider newbie. Let's see if I can Help.

    First of all are you sure you have the gold key? Because there's also a rusty key before the gold one.

    If it's the gold one you have, go back through the rusty key door. Time to backtrack a bit. Hear back to where the gold key was, roughly. The central room with the rats and platforms is now flooded. There is a lever on the wall which you can now pull.

    That should do it. Welcome to the forum, have a good time here.

    P.S. Let me know if that worked for you. :)