• Ok, I am passed the part of the cube puzzle and have searched the additional mazes reached through the door where the wires were to find out how to get to maria. (i've already cut the wires with wire cutters) There is absolutely nothing down here and no point to going through it. I did go through (up and down) every ladder in the 'maze puzzle' of this side and have even found a 'hallway' that looks almost identical to the first part when you walk in from the elevator. The only thing I found was different is the one big room with absolutely nothing in it. I have searched every nook and cranny of this room, but did not find anything to help me out. After an hour and a half of backtracking through every way I went, I decided to turn the game off and see what you all think. ( I have even found the 'great knife' down in that hall where the pyramid head is and the other 2 things that scurry along the bottom grate) Please help. At this point I know that I need to get maria out of that prison cell and there is a door in the cell itself. ;)

    please help!! <_<
  • you have to go through the doorway that had the wires strung across it. There is a way through. James will draw a map as you go along unless you turn off the flashlight. After you enter a new area, check the map. Every area has an entrance, where you come in, and at least one exit, one of which leads to where you need to go. You'll also be able to tell if you've been somewhere before by checking the map often. When you're in a new area James won't start drawing until you move forward a few steps, and checking the map will show your triangle marker in a blank white area of the map.
    You'll find an item or two along the way, and Pyramid Head will show up in one of the underground tunnels to let you know you're on the right track.
    One or two of the halls you enter will loop around in a circle, and there's one that has two doors in halls that look so similar you're liable to leave through the door you came in unless you check the map carefully.
    Kill the mannequins you come across and they'll act as 'bread crumbs', so if you come across a mannequin lying in a pool of blood you'll know you got turned around. Sometimes they'll come back to life but the pool of blood will still be there.
    Keep going and you'll find the door that leads to Maria's cell. Good Luck.