Need Help With PSN
  • o.k, i live in israel and my server of the psn is very low of things.
    meaning i cant download Add on, movies etc. as long as i registerd as israel it stay as that.
    so i thought i will change my addres to U.S.A in order to "unlock" the features that i can't buy before.
    Now. the problem is - when i'm sign in to the psn. i'm able to download add on but not the acctualy play them. last night i download guittar hero pack and also call of duty 4 pack. i installed them bothe but non work.
    also when i'm willing to download a movie from the psn it gives me an error, saying somthing about no sources for server ot somthing
    plz help.... tnx
  • Lior, the games themselves may be region free but the add-ons are not. You'll need to be playing the correct version of the game to use the dlc you are grabbing. If you have the PAL version of the game, for example, you may need to use the UK store for the game's add ons.

    As for the movies, they have this blocked via IP address to ensure just people within the US can actually download them- they had to do this due to not having distribution rights to other countries via PSN.
  • Ohh... Tnx ..
    i will try this ,,