Gta Vice, Taxi Driving
  • What goody do I unlock if I bother to drive 100 fares in GTA Vice? I have done every other special mission but the taxi ones. It seems so dry and I dont need the cash.
  • The best thing about the taxi missions is it gets you familiar with the various areas of the map
  • Steve, You left out that you're able to make some pretty good jumps if using the hydralics while on the top peak of a bridge and at top speed ;)
  • I maybe wrong but isn't getting 100 Fares part of the 100% completion as well. By the way that mission I found was pretty fun and showed you the streets of Vice City pretty well.
  • I waited till I got the Zebra Cab and did the 100 fares last night, managed to do 80 fares in a row. You can sure do some mad flips with the cabbie jump feature. Thanx for the answeres folks.