Yet Another Vice City Stump
  • Is there a better way to control those d@mn boats? I can't seem to nail the jumps. And every time I do I beach the freekin' boat I've been doing this mission for about 2 weeks now and I'm still having problem... :wub:
  • Checkpoint Charlie is definitely one of the harder missions, I remember trying to be clever and attempting to do the checkpoints with a maverick
  • One thing I found with piloting a boat is the handling is completely different than driving a car in Vice City.

    With the boats is that they start turning slowly and then seem to turn more sharply and faster the more you hold the analog stick.

    I found that by tapping X while turning will help you turn sharper and faster. Use this tactic only when you need to do a sharp fast turn.

    Give that a try and see how you like it. ;)

    Hope it helps.
  • Yes rex that worked for me but i wount to add to what you said.
    Pick the boat that has the spoiler on it (the one on the right) and keep you thumb on the X button untill turns come up and just tap the X button and that should help you
  • I think you can corner better with the boats by using the handbrake (R1) instead of tapping the square button.
  • I see...Well I guess I'll give these a try and I'll let yu know how it goes. Thanks fr your replies, :)
  • Hello to all,

    Just to keep you all updated I have FINALLY completed the boat yark mission WHEW (thank god I don't have to do that one again). Thankyou for all of the advice and help guys. :D
  • i haven't actually tested this myself, but if you beat Checkpoint Charlie after you beat it the first time it adds $1,000 to your daily revenue at the Boatyard Asset each time you beat it, up to $15,000.
    The reason i haven't tested it is i kinda have $999,999,999 and it won't go any higher so the assets aren't all that useful anymore.