• Okay I have gone threw 3 ps2's over the years and I am sick of forking over dough for this cheap piece of junk! Sony must have intianiolly built the PS2's cheap so suckers like me have to go out and get a new one.

    So, for not having a ps2 for about a month, I think, im starting to get a little pist. Im missing out on all the new games and everything. I need to make a list of games I missed out on so I can ketchup latter.

    So my question is, when do you think SCEA will lower the price of its cheaply made game system to $150? and also where can I get a longer warranty for the thing, and how much is that?

    Also I think SCEA should make a remodeled version of the PS2 like they did with the PS1. Mabey they will make them more stable.
  • If they were to make a remodeled version I don't see it happening before the PS3 is released, 2006 from what I have seen.

    Most big name electronics dealers will offer an extended warranty for products that they sell. The longest I have seen is 3 years.

    Really the only thing you can do is keep trying 'till you get a good one, I have had mine almost a year and a half and I have not had one single problem. You may have been dealt an unlucky hand, keep discarding your cards 'til you get a good hand, in this case a good PS2.

    I don't see them lowering the price anytime soon.
  • There are 3 models for the PS2 available right now. There are the 97000 which are the original models and then there's the 97001 which shipped with updated DVD Drivers, and then there is the 97004 which not only has the updated DVD Drivers but Sony remade their Graphics Synthesizer(known as the Emotion Engine) that not only is cheaper to be made but is also more durable and is also more efficient. Sony will continue to work on their systems and though it may seem that you're getting the bum luck....which you are, but with electonic equipment, things screwing up isn't uncommon and no matter how much you wish it was different, Sony does it's best to give you a good gaming experience and the same goes for all consoles and their manufacturers. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

    Addendum - Sony and the other Console makers have hinted at a possible drop in the price near Thanksgiving but do you really want to wait that long for something that may not even happen? I will tell you how long our extended warranty is as well as how much it costs you. We have a 2 year extended warranty that begins after the 1st year(as that's the manufacturer's warranty period) and it would cost you $29.99 for that. Basically if you're unsatisfied with the product we'll do a direct exchange for you.
  • Thanks for the 411.
    I am definetly not going to wait till thanks giving for a $150 ps2.

    Also do you think leaving your ps2 in a higher area will decrease the risk of dust getting in your ps2?
    SCEA says vacumm out your ps2 every week. I did that. But it still doesnt gett all the dust. Belive me I opened up my ps2. Also some say use a can of air that blows in highly compacted air, but all that does is blow more dust in the ps2 and compacts the dust already in the ps2.

    But thanks for all your comments and awnsers.
    And I amd definetlly getting that 2 year warranty from circuit city.
  • You use the air to break up chunks of dust and then use the vacuum to get it all out. No matter where you put it the dust will settle on the first thing it touches so it'll still get into your PS2.....unless you have an air tight compartment.....in which case your PS2 would overheat and catch on fire......Make sure not to leave your PS2 on when you're not playing it as it collects dust anytime it's on and do your best to clean it out as much as possible. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I feel your pain badboy. I bought my first PS2 on launch day, it got sent in for DRE warranty probs 3 times. Finally 6 months ago, Sony exchanged my original lemon unit for one of the newest models and a free controller. So far it has worked perfect and fingers crossed it will keep working. Its hard to have faith when the first one spent 30% of its time being sent in for warranty.
  • Well I must be reaping the rewards of living in a PAL territory. I've had my PS2 since July 2000 (or 99, can't remember which year), and the only 'problem' i've ever come across is "Uh-oh, I can't decide what to play :o ". There was the time a couple of weeks ago where my controller screwed up, but that's probably due to all the dropping so it doesn't count. On the bright side, I got me a nice new RED controller :D
  • Well I was with you on that Killa, up until three days ago, when my poor "baby" bit the dust!
    We got out ps2 roughly round the same time as you, and had had no problem's, but last Friday I went to load up a game and got NOTHING!!!!
    Absolutely nothing!........ok, got that darn "disk read error" thingee. So I ducked in here to see what advice had been given to those suffering from the same problem, but to no avail. :( Did all that , re-load, make sure the disk title is facing to the left/ top stuff, cleaned the disk, tried all of the title's we own (including various demo disks.), re-hoovered the darn vent's and even hauled my cookies off to the shop to pick up a cleaning disk! But the darn thing wouldn't even read that!!!
    In the end I rang Sony, wrapped up my 'friend" in as much bubble-wrap I could lay me hands on, and popped it in a courier box, and sent it off to be repaired!
    They sent back the quote today........$200!!!! To get it all put right, seem's my lazer is completely naffed! Couldn't of burnt out while it was still under warranty though, could it? Oh no, had to do it now......and no, purchasing a new one is not an option, they're still around the $400-460 mark here, so getting it fixed is still my best option.
    Sony assure me though, that it will be utterly re-hauled and all parts and services will be under gurantee, when it is returned later next week, so at least that's something I guess.