Curious any other females out there?
  • hi I am new to this playstation network, and was wondering if there are alot of other female gamers? I am glad I found this place. I have a few games I have been "stuck" in that I have found help with already.

    Console: PS 2
    Favorite game: Metal Gear Snake eater
    Currently playing: 007 Goldeneye Rogue Agent(probably the hardest game I have come across yet)
    other games I really like: God of War 2, Civil War History Channel, and NFL Blitz(any will do got love hitting hard).

    Look forward to making new friends,
  • Welcome to AP Stephanie!

    My wife enjoys gaming as well, so I will put a bug in her ear to post a response and possibly you two can get to chat a bit. There are a few gals here who will also reply I am sure.

    You are not a lone female in a gaming world, that is for sure! ;)

    Anyway, welcome aboard and I too look forward to seeing you around the forums.
  • welcome to the board!

    btw im a female gamer and proud of it!
  • Sweet great to hear from ya.
  • you know somthing funny i pwned every boy in my class at CoD! lol eather im really good or thay have no clue what thar doing.
  • Probably a healthy mix of the both, okamia! ;) Glad to see more female gamers on the go around the place. B)
  • Hey welcome to the forum!!!

    I too am a girlie gamer - Not that i like girlie games though!! I love silent hill, resident evil etc

    Am currently playing Lego Batman on the PSP and Little Big Planet on the PS3

    There are a few of us girls on the forum!!

    Jane x
  • Welcome to the forum! Fortunately we have several girl gamers here on this site. A couple of these lovely ladies are on staff too (Jane and Melinda).

    I always find it funny how guys can be intimidated by a girl gamer. My sister has an online account called Owned bya G1rl and she dominates the guys and its halarious to listen to their reactions.
  • I am glad I am not alone in my love of the Playstation.