Killzone Level 11 on PS2
  • I've reached the end of level 11 and am on the space platform. These bad guys are coming at me right from the get go. I hold my own, kill most of them. But there are always three real bad bad guys that are left to kill. I run out of ammo, run out of health, before I can get to them. They're like in a control room dome, surrounded by glass. They move fast, and are tough to kill. Is there a set strategy to get these guys? What weapon should I use to pop them?
  • Once the wave of Helghans are taken out you should be able to grab an HG AR as well as ammo for this. This seems to be the best weapon. Once one or two are capped the rest of your squad will rush in and you can finish off the rest.

    There's a reason for this being so tough, it's just about the end of the game. ;)