PS3 keeps kicking off Roommates WoW game
  • hello everyone in TV Land! :D

    i'm having some problems, you see; I just moved in with my roommates and one of them is a HUGE WoW player (World of Warcraft). and every time i even turn ON or get online with my PS3 it kicks him off his server while he is in the middle of a raid. My PS3 is on a Wireless connection, and the computer is on connected to the router; which is a LinkSys Wireless-G with SpeedBooster. we are also using a Cable connection if that helps.:confused: what can i do to resolve this in convince?

    thanks for reading
  • There is nothing you can do, to be honest. Both WoW and your PS3 are wanting to use one or more of the same ports and only one device can use an open port at a time.
  • i see, so is there a way i could open more ports? i remember doing something like that when i had my PS2 online. i needed to do some configuring with the port range if i remember correctly? if i do, were do i find the port numbers or do i have to call my interweb provider for the port numbers; if i recall i had to do that last time:confused:
  • I have the ports that the PS3 needs listed in the thread pinned at the very top of this section. If you haven't yet definitely open them.

    One other possible reason for this is you may have an IP address conflict going- if the PS3 and the computer are set for the same IP address for going online then one will get booted when the other wants on. Check in your router settings and you should be able to assign the PS3 an address high enough that it won't affect your roomie's WoW (although it wouldn't hurt him to get some fresh air once in a while ;)