• Hey, Just wondering if any-one can help me :(
    I recently got a new router and for some reason the wireless on the PS3 keeps coming up with an error saying 'A connection to the acsess point could not be established. Check the security settings for the wireless LAN. (8013013E)'.

    Any help as to what I should do to sort this out please?

    ADDON (Router) - NWR9500 (Model)

    When I do wireless > scan it says:

    (the name) then no security - 87% signal

    Oh and I know the Routers set up address so...all I need to know is actually how to set it up for the PS3..if any-one can be of help? >.<
  • Sounds like something is still locked down in the router somehow. I would head into the router settings and make sure the security is actually disabled. If it is then try opening the ports listed in the pinned thread at the very top of this section then give the router a power cycle. If your router allows it, grab the MAC Address of the PS3 and add this to the router's list of allowed devices and maybe even reserve an IP for it in there. All of these sections should be in th Security or Advanced sections of the router.

    With all of that done go at it from scratch with setting up the connection and add in as much info manually as you can (the router address, the IP you reserved if you did, subnet mask, dns servers) so that the PS3 has to look for as little info as possible.

    Yoy may also want to check your router manufacturer's site to see if there is a firmware upgrade for it, this can sometimes help too.
  • Thanks =) yeah I thought about the manufacturer's site, have been searching for 3 days now and I haven't found anything to do with a PS3 with that specific Router =(

    Okays i'll post later if it works or not =)