Noob "hackers" on FTB2...
  • WOW! Banned from FTB2 AGAIN! For nothing... It's gotten to the point where you HAVE to downgrade and get cheat codes just to be able to play. I'm "banned" for 3 days now... Was NOT cheating. Next time, I might be banned for good. Since every time it happens, its for longer. :'(
  • In that case I would suggest contacting Sony as they should be able to help. Honestly, there is nothing we can do in this situation- we have no affiliation with Sony at all.
  • Hmmm... I called Sony, and they told me to Email the elusive Webmaster. So I did... NO RESPONSE. :( Oh well. Guess I'll just have to start giving my money to MICROSOFT again.
  • If by contacting the webmaster you meant your message here you went to the wrong site- as i mentioned before, we are not Sony. You'll need to head to the official site at - Home.
  • No. I went there. He doesn't care. Thanx though. I really appreciate the quick response time. Anyway... I should be able to get back on SOCOM tonight. :) Its a shame that these little terds have nothing better to do than ban random people... "WHY YOU LITTLE..."
  • It happens in Halo too. Any time your better than someone else they report you for cheating...

    Bungie does a good job at sorting out the cheaters from the talented though.
  • NOOOO! :( Some bed-wetter got me again... Now its for a week. Someone tell The Powers That Be its time for another update. (shoot me)