Harry Potter Chamber Of Secrets
  • how do you get in to the conficated items room???? and where are the items from the board in the griffindor tower????? and the copy of the daily prophet??????Oh one last question is their an easy way to sneak out of the syltherin dungeons. As you can see I need help really bad please help me!!!!!!!!Thank you
  • The merit badge is located on the flying field, where you take your test.....i'ts over to Harry's right as you enter, about half way down in front of the building.
    As for the sneaking bit, I simply waited until the prefect moved away, crept to shelves on your near right, waited for a bit......then ran like mad for the door. Waited at the bottom of the steps, snuck up used my r1 to see where the prefects were......as luck would have it the guy at the top of the stairs had his back to me also, and I was able to dash across the hall and up the stairs before they noticed. I know you're supposed to keep silent, or tip-toe, but if the opportunity is there...take it, and run!
  • Thank you very much your right running like mad works way better than being quiet. Hey by the way did you see the chest behind the boxes in the dungeon as you finish with dreco?