PS1 NFS:Porsche Unleashed
  • I got this game used with no instructions so I am learning as I go. How do you drive with the inside car dashboard view. I saw it on youtube and that is why I wanted the game, because of the dashboard/steering wheel view out the front windshield. I use the "triangle" button to change the camera view/angle, but the dashboard view is not one of the options. I got to thinking, maybe all porsches don't allow the incar view or do you have to win events/races to get it in order to unlock a better Porsche. Sorry if this question sounds dumb but i have tried all events and options to try to get this amazing incar dashboard view, but with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. I have purchased all the Need For Speed for the PS1 and wow, what great games. I'm up all night racing and dodging cops now. heehee. Gotta get some sleep.