Hard Drive Problem Urgent Help Please
  • ok first time on a forum asking for help here is the problem
    i upgraded my 40gb harddrive for a 256gb and bought it brand new and it worked excellent
    then my console broke so had to return the console so obviously took the hard drive and replaced it with the standard 40gb as told to do by sony
    replacement came a few days later so swapped my 256gb back in and and switched on but the system said that i had to insert version 2.76 via usb anyway to cut a long story short downloaded it from playstation anyway wont work.so rung sony they said that because the hard drive had been formatted on another system it was console specific so would not work on my new system and i would have to wipe the hard drive and reformat it
    is it true? that this is the case and if so should it get formatted also or just wiped clean
    please help
  • You most likely will have to reformat that drive, which will wipe it clean. easiest way to do that would be to get a hard drive enclosure and do it on your computer. They can be had cheap at computer stores.