Travelling time/Commuting
  • As it says really - How long does it take you to get to work/school.

    I work give or take about 22 miles from my house. I drive to work and if there is no traffic takes me about 35-40 mins. I dont mind the drive really even though everyone at work looks at me strange when i tell them how long it takes me because they live closer lol!! Thats why i thought i would ask you guys!!
  • (yawn) Takes me 50 minutes to walk to work. I used to drive 40 miles to work, but then I moved...
  • Bout an hour to work, after dropping my kids of at school, and catching a bus..
  • I am fortunate in that it takes me less than 15 minutes if the traffic is running smooth.
  • My usual travel time is no more than 20 minutes- never run into any sort of traffic at all until getting into the town proper.