Online gaming prob-cod4 ps3
  • Hi fella's, got a problem when i'm trying to play cod4 online with my clan's a new problem we can't figure it's my signal strength, it's fine when i'm playing online on my own, but when i join up with my clan of 5 people in total, unless i'm hosting then my signal strength goes down to 1 bar...when i do host then it passes on to one of the other clan members.
    I've done the obvious things, like, make sure all other pc's are switched off and sky+ phone line is out.......just a bit frustrating coz it's a great online game to play with mates!!...........thanks for any help....
  • Is it the same clan mate every time or does it vary as to who gets it? I'm thinking this could be a bandwidth (or rather lack thereof) issue with at least one person's internet provider.