Wireless Connection Problems (I've tried everything)
  • Please help

    I bought a wireless router several months ago, hooked it, and enjoyed internet on my PS3 and laptop. All was well until a few days ago when my PS3 suddenly stopped connecting to the internet (laptop still connects fine). It won't even get past the first step which I believe is aquiring the ip address.

    I discovered by turning off my router's security, my PS3 could connect to the internet perfectly.

    I have tried opening ports, making my connection static, and mac filtering, none of them working. I know little about this type of thing and have attempted these previous remedies so there may have been some user error on my part (I did follow guides but you never know)

    If Mac filtering is the way to go, how do I set up my conenction on the PS3? Should I set everything up as automatic or do I still need to maually enter ip adresses? If my router IP is, what should I enter as for my PS3?

    Is this a security problem or am I just missing something.

    Thank you for your time and patience
  • Personally, I always recommend having as much info in place as possible so that the system has to look for as little as possible. Considering it was the password for your encryption that caused the problem before I would first doublecheck what this is in your router's security settings and add this into the PS3 exactly as well as making sure of the security type.

    MAC filtering is good if you just want certain devices to go online- in some routers this is where you reserve an IP address for the devices too. That address you give there would not be your router's IP (that would be The .101 would be the start of the range your router can give out- I usually say to bump the IP you are setting for the PS3 up a few from the lower amount (say, use to make sure there is no conflict with anything else. You can find your PS3's MAC address in Settings/ System Settings/ System Information on the PS3.

    Regarding the rest of the info, I would go manual and include the IP you reserve along with the router's IP address, the subnet mask and the DNS servers- all of this should be found on the summary/ status page in the router settings.

    Not much more I can add other than just take your time when making the changes and things should work out fine.