inFamous - PS3
  • We'd like to hear your thoughts on inFamous from Sucker Punch (the makers of Sly Cooper) and Sony.
  • I have read a few articles on it and I have a friend who has pre-ordered it and loves it. Personally I can't wait till it comes out! The paths between good and evil are a novlety that I do not see to much. The exclusive powers for both paths are inviting and cool. As I said before I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL IT COMES OUT!!!!!!
  • I'm with you on that, general. I've been doing several play throughs on the demo so far. It's a blast just to go around the city and beat on the various Reapers around or just harass some of the locals (the karma meter is left stuck in the demo, I think, so no amount of good/ bad deeds will change it there). It just never gets old to me. B)
  • I found out a way to change the Karma meter Lyndon unfortunately it involves killing your self. When you come to the bay throw yourself into it and when you die it says karma changed Infamous or vica verca. I have played as both the Hero and Infamous and I found that Infamous suits me better than Hero what does that say? !
  • I'll have to experiment with that a bit tomorrow. I tend to have a bit more fun with the evil side myself- I like terrorizing the populace a bit! :p
  • Try jumping from the highest place possible and doing a thunder strike I think it is called it is so much FUN! :P
  • So do you mean that you have codes that make you die or am i wrong there? as the code I have did not work and was for the reaper.
  • i frickin love infamous man
  • I think the trick he mentioned above just works for the demo, bart- it isn't a code but just follow the instructions he gave.

    This is one of the few games I want to repeatedly play. I'm early into the 3rd playthrough now (one each on easy with good and evil) and now going through with medium difficulty. For you trophy hunters, some are only available on certain difficulties and if you are being good or evil.
  • yea I'm still on my first play through (as a hero) and already started my second play through on the evil side. And for the killing yourself and changing your karma yea it is only for the demo.