Alone in the dark: the new nightmare
  • Can anyone help me? In the game alone in the dark i play carmby and i am at the stage where i have to kill the flying boss in the library but i have no ammo and don't know how to get some can you help me?
  • To stop the gargoyle use the revolver on it only when it stops moving/ flying around- just use a single shot. This will make it curl up its wings. This is when you hit it with the grenade launcher or rocket launcher. It should only take a few times of this to finish it off. If you don't have enough ammo, though, you may be out of luck- there is none to be grabbed in here.
  • Is there any ammo hidden inside the mansion anywhere because i've looked all over and cannot find any anywhere?
  • From what i have seen, no there isn't.
  • So where am i supposed to get the revolver and rocket launcher from then?
  • Do you know how i can get a gun to kill the flying boss in the library?