• What do I need to do to get the "Ice Cream" music to start playing to start selling? I have tried parking on the road, sidewalk, having the radio on different stations and the radio off. Nothing seems to work.

    Please help me, it's a hot day in Vice City and people need their ice cream. ;)
  • Have You tried pushing R3 And L3 down??? (analog Sticks)
  • I also had problems getting that ice cream van to start its jingle.
    I don't know why, but sometimes it's harder to get it started.

    Turn off the radio (so that you can hear the jingle) and keep beating the horn (L3) and sooner or later it will go off.
  • i had more trouble turning it off than with turning it on. It works like the sirens on emergency vehicles, i think. Just give L3 a quick tap and try not to hold it down at all.
  • I just held the horn down for a while and it started.
  • Thanks guys. I figured that you had to hold it like you would your normal horn. Like Juggleknot said, all you need to do is tap the L3 button like you would with getting the sirens on with the police car, ambulance or fire truck.

    Thanks again.