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  • Being a mere girlie, can someone advise me on other games similar to ICO and Myst to play on the PS2? I'm not really into mega shooting gmes more ones that i need to think about puzzles to solve etc. :blink:

    Thanks Peeps
  • Though this is really an RPG, it's basically a Puzzle RPG, Dark Cloud or if you live in the states then Dark Cloud 2 on Feb. 18th. At the moment i am drawing a blank though so that's all i can think of but DC is $20 and DC2 will be $30 when released and those will give you many hours of enjoyment.....especially considering that they're longer than Ico or Myst. There will be some strategy as well as levling up involved so if you don't mind that then these are your best choices. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • You could try Arc Of Time, The Last Report or the Discworld games. They're all pure thinking games.
  • Thanks guys, i'll have a go on them as and when i complete final fantasy which i've been advised to get and just bought!
    It will be happy gaming so long as i don't get too stressed with the enemy. Does anyone else wanna smash the tv up?
  • Ha ha ha

    What's all this Newbie level 2 business? Who's the expert? ! ! :lol:
  • Since this one has been answered and covered, I think I'll go ahead and close it out..... to prevent some from coming in and spreading spam all over the walls and carpeting. That stuff is HECK to clean up out of carpets!! :lol:
  • Just to clear some things up for you before i shut the door again....The level is just there for fun. Your level increases as you certain post milestones that is. I wouldn't really say that we have one "expert" here in the forums....we like to all work together as a community and help everyone with everything so i guess everyone is part of one whole "expert". I hope you enjoy yourself *door shutting* Well, enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
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