Help me defeat Shao Kaun from Mortal Kombat Trilogy
  • Any one got a way of beating Shao Kaun in Mortal Kombat Trilogy I know this game
  • i've found the easiest way set up your controls in the game setup screen to have 1 button as multiple hits then this should help!
  • Dude, i know what ya going through. The game just gets monster difficult when ya get to that sort of stage

    Unfortunately by the time MK Trilogy came across my path i already had Tekken2, so after getting my ass whupped a million times trying to complete it - i gave up (Trilogy, that is).

    I don't know whether this will be any help, but you can access the (previously) unselectable ? box by going to the options screen and pressing (and hold) Up, L1, L2, R1 and R2 for about a second - the screen will shake and you'll be able to access the ? if you've done it right. This will now enable you to play about with the settings including making fatalities a 1 button move (removing the need to look like you're having a fit on the control pad when trying to pull off one of the finishers).
    I don
  • I all ready tryed that he keep blasting the crap out of me even on very easy thanks all the same.
  • oh boy anotherone boy people never learn don't u guys know already hes invincible id like to know one guy whos beaten him fair and square and don't lie!!!!!
  • Thanks to raziel advice he pmed me to use Sub Zero I defeated Shao Kaun on Saturday. :2devilish:
  • yer unmasked sub-zero when he freezes can just duck under
    khans fire balls but i find noob-siabots fireball that means they cannot damage you works well too just with good timing
    you can get an endless string of fireballs with out a backfire
    thats how i do him every time :thumbsup:
  • just keep jumping over him with jump kicks with anybody to slowly eat away at his life and his special moves miss you 95% of the time.
  • man u beat shao khan u must be a pro how did u do it pls tell me!!!!!