Error 8013030F - Does SSID broadcast need to be on ?
  • I've set up my PS3 to connect to a Dlink DI-524 wireless router.

    IP address is hardcoded to x.x.x.196 on both the router & PS3 and MAC filtering is on.

    Tested the connection - works :D

    Turned off SSID broadcast on the router, retested and fails with error 8013030F ("the access point was not detected") :mad:

    Does SSID broadcast need need to be left on to get a connection ?
  • Yes, SSID does need to be on, otherwise you can only use the router for wired connections.
  • Thanks for thte reply Lyndon.

    It's annoying that the PS3 can't connect without SSID enabled.
    Every other piece of hardware I've set up (phone, DS, iTouch, Wii and laptop) can connect with SSID disabled.