discs not running on ps2
  • i m 4m pak .my uncle snd ps2 to me 4m australia
    i buy games here for but it doesnt work on it
    plz help me wats the problm
    and on the screen displays as please insert ps2 disc
  • You are running into region coding issues. The PS2 he sent you cannot use the games you have- you would need to import games from Australia. To use your local games you will need a PS2 made for your region.
  • but here r some experts tat do modification then ps2 can run region disc amazing pak long live
  • If you want to shorten the lifespan of the PS2 have at it. We don't support or endorse doing this sort of stuff to the system as it can cause the PS2 to die quicker than it should plus the potential for piracy (which we are also completely against).