What Is Involved In Using I-link
  • I am interested in networking a few PS2s together using the i-link system, but I'm not sure what I need to do. I know we need a copy of the same game for each PS, but that's about it.
  • You also need the I-Link cable. The cable is a dual ended wire i believe that connects 2 PS2's togther. There could be another cable that spreads out more but all i know is there is only a dual hook up. In your manual it tells you how to run it to what port.
  • If you are linking 2 PS2's all you need is one i-Link/firewire, 4 pin to 4 pin (the i-link/Firewire port on the PS2 is 4 pin) and two copies of the game you are wanting, ie GT 3.

    If you want 3 - 6 PS2's linked up you need a i-Link/Firewire hub, the hubs use 6 pin plugs and usually have 6 ports. Thus the i-Link/Firewire cables you would need are 4 pin to 6 pin. The 4 pin ends into the PS2 port and the 6 pin ends into the Hub ports.

    Hook it all up with the power off on all PS2 units, then fire it up you should be good to go. If you have any more questions PM me.

    PS. i-Link and Firewire cable are the same you can use either or, i-Link is just Sonys special name for the same product.
  • It helps if you have two TVs as well, you know! Or a couple of PS2 screens! :lol: