• My nine year old son's PSP has just begun playing up after 5 months of use. He looks after it pretty well, and says it hasn't been dropped, trodden on etc. Anyway, we're going on a plane trip tomorrow, and all of a sudden every disc that goes into the PSP (which have previously worked perfectly) return a message "the disc could not be read". I tried all the usual suspects, cleaned discs, disconnected battery, turned off and on, jiggled it, tried other discs, restored factory default settings, took battery out and put it back in, all to no avail. So (being late night shopping) I took it back to Target, as it is still under warranty, only to be told it would need to be sent back to Sony for repair/replacement. But - I need it to take away with him (Really - or else I will age 50 years for every day and lose my sanity) and of course, the Target process will take a couple of weeks. Aaaaarrrrgh!!!! Can you please suggest something I could try to do myself to fix this problem, Or give me details of someone in NEWCASTLE, NSW, AUSTRALIA who may be able to fix it for me tomorrow morning. I am going to go see one of the tech-savvy young fellows in one (or several) of our local games retailers in the morning to see if they can do anything, but any and all help will be very very appreciated.


    Sandii and Jack
  • Sorry to say but you most likely will not find anyone to fix it in time. There would be no repair places that actually carry the parts for it as Sony uses contracted repair centers for this sort of thing and usually do not sell the parts to third parties. The problem is most likely the disc drive laser.

    The quickest solution would be to maybe buy another while it is getting repaired (making sure it can be taken back for full refund after getting original back) or if a friend is willing to lend out their unit for the trip.
  • thanks, I appreciate your fast response. Will speak to one of the nice young chaps at the games stores tomorrow and see if they have any suggestions, plus I've decided to do the firmware update just in case that somehow miraculously fixes the issue. I think perhaps this one is a dud anyhow, as it won't play any of the music files we downloaded onto it either - but that's something it's never done.