Virtua tennis 2009
  • Hi guys, i have just purchased virtua tennis 2009 on ps3, the thing i need help with is that when i play online every time i hit the ball to my opponent the ball stops in front of them until he or she is ready to hit the ball back. so basically the ball would just stop in front of them until they hit it back. It started to happen when i was playing my second match online. It only happens online, its like someone has put a virus or cheat on my game while playing online so the person could win easily. Ive checked cheats for virtua tennis 2009 to fix the problem but nothing comes up. Ive also tried to recreate a new user name account, turned the game off and on but nothing changes. So if you could help me with that, then that would be really helpfull. Thx
  • I think you may be running into a bit of lag and not any sort of actual cheat. I can see it maybe being one if the game lets them cross court to hit the ball while it hovers there but this sounds like typical lag to me.