Error code 80010514
  • I rarely post here because I don't normally need to but this time it serious.

    I was playing LBP and all of a sudden it froze. So I restarted my Ps3 and it wouldn't read the disk at all! Could this just be a virus? The last thing I did was download a video. Please help I have restored my Ps3 and now everything is gone :( and still the problem persists. I am at my wits end and I just need some help.
  • It isn't a virus Red- I'm afraid you may need to call Sony about this one. That error signifies a hardware failure, mostly with the blu-ray diode.
  • i had the same problem a while ago - ps3 wouldn't read my disc;

    i rang sony and they quoted me
  • seen as i didnt use it at all for 2-3 months its hard to say when it started working again, but just left it alone and it fixed itself?? maybe you should just leave it completely a week or two?

    Well, this is one of those "There is no magic pill to fix it" type responses...sort of.

    Let me explain:

    Although it may seem mysterious that it "fixed itself" while being left alone, this is quite commonly seen with PC's, whereas turning the entire system off and letting it sit for 24 hours will often times "reset" certain functions, and flush others, returning it to a normal state, if you will. (Naturally this does not apply to virii, Malware/Scumware/Phishes)

    Now, I do not know if this may be the case with the PS3, but it sure sounds as if the same principle does apply; and I have indeed read of this result from far too many people for it to be a fluke.

    So, good news, bad news:

    Good News- Try it, it may work.

    Bad News - Does nothing and a call to SONY is in order.