Saturday's Chat Session 5-30-09
  • Firstly, after reading posts by so many folks who say this site is dead or is a disappointment that not a single one of these members decided to join the rest of us for today's chat...the same one that was announced a week ago. It is your lack of participation that leads to this sites slow-down. :mad:

    Now, for those of us who did decide to show up and make an attempt to get things rolling: It was a blast!

    Yes, it was a small gathering of 4 members, but we still had a great time talking about games, what has been going on in our lives in general, gaming-related issues and a great laugh or two! In other words, it may have been a small gathering, but it was a blast!

    One of the neatest aspects of the chat was knowing that, with only 4 people, there were 3 separate countries involved: USA, UK & Canada. It was indeed a small global gathering...and it is great to see that even though we are separated by many miles between us, many issues and aspects of our daily lives are quite are our interest in gaming as well.

    So for those involved in the chat:


    It was great to chit-chat after too many years, and I certainly look forward to our next chat. Thanks for the laughs, insights and friendship.
    :) :)
  • I'm sorry Lucifer I totally forgot about it. :(
  • i really enjoyed it - thanx guys!!!!

    Hope to be around for the next one!!!
  • count me in for next one, nice to catch up after all these years
  • I'd love to come, but I work nights and weekends so the timing doesn't work for me.
  • I did forget, i am sorry, will try to make the next one, promise.

    Must admit, i began drinking watching the FA Cup final, and i think i may have been fast asleep by 11.00pm.

    Thats the demon drink for you.

    Again, apologies.