• I have a playstation 2 and it used to work great. now however it wont read dvds. and thats one of the main reasons i got it. it will still play games but if i put in a dvd it says it cant read the disk. i tried cleaning the lens but that didnt help. it plays games still just not dvds. i dont really see what the big difference is why it can read games and not dvds. i would think dvds would be easier to read than a game. but im not a ps2 so i dont really know:( :redface: :(
  • Sorry to say but this is the beginning of the laser's end. Eventually it will stop reading the games as well. I can't explain why it reads one and not the other other than different types of data.

    Your options would basically be to either call Sony and pay them for repairs or pick up a functioning replacement PS2.