death trap
  • If you could design a death trap (yes this is kinda dark, I'm just curious) what it have in it? It can have anything.
    Mine would be a cage suspended, by a very very strong magnet, over mutant shark infested water. Like I said anything can be in it.
  • Hmm....hmmmm....Hmmm...Hmmmmhmm, :excl: Ah Hah! Eureka!

    The scenario is this: I'll put a 60GB Ps3 (mint condition) in the middle of the woods. Very appealing to the unsuspecting fanboy/girl. Little do they know there's a much more sinister, diabolical and eeeeevvvvvilll plot behind it all!

    To be continued....
  • Hmm. Maybe promise people cake if they'd just run through a few test chambers...for science.