Chamber of Secrets: Stuck in Sewer
  • My son has Chamber of Secrets for PS2 and it gets stuck in the secret passage (after the sewer) just beyond Borgin and Burkes. He even purchased another copy of the game and it gets stuck in the same spot.
    If it makes any difference, neither disc would work on our PS2 (blue disc problem??) so he is playing them on our PS3.
    I'm clueless on video games so please help!
    Thank you!
  • It's possible the problem is a backward compatibility issue- what version of PS3 is it?
  • I'm not sure exactly. It's dated July 2007, 83GB, 60Hz. Sorry, that's all I see other than a serial number.
  • Ok, one of the early 80 GB PS3s. I think it is an issue with the backward compatibility- the 80 GB systems were the first over in North America to use software emulation instead of having the actual PS2 chipset inside. As such, it isn't as reliable. Chances are the game doesn't quite work correctly with it.

    There isn't much that can be done as these updates for that just come from Sony via firmware updates. The simplest solution may be getting your PS2 fixed.