• My copy of Gran Turismo 3 is not working. If I call Sony and ask for a replacement would it be allowed? The CD has some scratches. I took care of the game. Need some advise. :(
  • I highly doubt it. Since the scratches were put on the game since you owned it.

    That would be like taking your car back to the dealer and asking for a replacement because someone keyed it in the parking lot at the mall.

    Now that GT3 is a 'Greatest Hits' you should be able to pick one up very cheap.

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  • As the manufacturers' warranty covers just for the first 90 days and just for manufacturers' defects you will most likely be out of luck there.Check around some of the game shops and see if they offer scratch repair-I had this done for one game I had bought used and it worked wonders.If that isn't an option you would be better off taking Rex's suggestion and pick up a Greatest Hits version.