Playstation Network DL Content, HELP HELP!!
  • Ok, When I download content from Playstation Network, such as rock band tracks i cant get them to appear in the game itself. i download the contant, then install it, but when i go to the game its not even there,
    Any help would be great, as ive spent money on content that i cant get to work
    Kind Regards
    Thanks In Advance;)
  • Are you buying content from the right store to match with the version of game you are playing? Although the games are region free the downloadables are rigged to just work with the disc made for that region (UK disc/ UK store for example).
  • well the game is US, but i think i purchased from the UK STORE, But with fifa 09 it UK REGION AND got it from UK STORE,
  • how do i change the store region???
  • Ok, that's the Rock Band situation covered- you'd need to purchase songs from the US store for that disc.

    As for FIFA, I'm not entirely sure how EA has their updates set up for that game- you may need to go into the online portion and download an update that has the actual data. A number of games do their updates this way with the psn store download just being an "unlock key".
  • To change the store region you would have to set up another PlayStation Network ID using a fake address from the country you want. Of course, you then run into the problem of getting funds into those accounts as they won't take credit cards from outside their given region.
  • so the track i purchased is no use to me for rock band?

    also fifa 09 cant find a way to update the game, normally it does it auto when loading the game, it says an update is required for this game or somet simular. the game seems pretty up to date . its just finding a way to get the downloaded content to work ive installed it to the game, when installing can i change the destination folder????
  • Yep, those Rock band tracks are useless unless you have the UK version of the game.

    The update for FIFA would just automatically download and install itself into the game data file, it wouldn't even allow you to change destination folders. As i have not played the game myself (not a fan of the sport) may need to let someone else that has purchased the update chime in on where to look.
  • ok lyndon thanks for the help.
    might just get the 360 vrsion of the game.

    also i bet theres no chance of psn refunding my credits is there?
  • No chance there- all sales on the PlayStation Store are final.

    You may also want to try contacting EA themselves- it's possible the FIFA content is only available in game in certain modes.