• Hello,

    Just last Thursday I had got a really nasty injury. I was putting on (what we call a protection plate) and my hammer had slipped off the head of the nail and skimmed the skin right off my left index finger. Needless to the skin right now is healing (I think, it may be infected) but it's really a sick thing to look at when you wake up in the morning.

    I was wondering what has your worst injury? How did it happen? What did it look like?

    Again this is not for the weak stomach...
  • My worst injury and I have had a few was my mouth.

    I was playing basketball before school and ran after one ball and had another from a different court tangle in my legs.

    The result was a face plant which sent my front 2 teeth through my lip and chip 2 others. I has blood streaming from my lip wound and blood streaming from where my teeth should have been.

    Looked like a bit of a freak show and had all the kids coming to the sick bay to check out the show. Would just look at them holding a bandage over my lip and smile to reveal the empty space and dried blood stuck where my teeth should have been.

    Besides that I have broken bones, put nail through various body parts and had plenty of stitches.

    The best would be my cousin working with the bench saw. He was feeding the wood through and it got jammed and pushed his arm onto the saw which cut itself in half right up to the elbow.
  • Well I don't know which one to choose... I'll let you guys decide.

    Injury #1: The first time out with my parents car after getting my licence. Well I wrapped it around a hydro pole and put my head through the window. I received 20 stitches in my forehead and spent 3 days in the hospital.

    I had two surgeries after the fact due to a severed nerve in my forehead that was super sensitive. I brushed it against a coat sleeve the one day getting my shoes out of the closet and thought I was gonna pass out from the pain. It is not as sensitive now.

    What did it look like? Well aside from the jagged pieces of glass that I picked out of it after I got home from the hospital it was a big friggin' cut in my forehead a little bit bigger than a quarter with tiny cuts all the way around it. I still sport the scar. I am surprised the number of people who have known me for quite some time and they just notice the scar on my forehead.

    Injury #2: I was working in an automotive recycling yard. (used auto parts) The front end loader (we would use it to pick up cars, crush cars and general moving of big heavy things) ran over my leg, from the knee down.

    It was the dead of winter and the ground was really hard. I was trying to throw a chain into the cab of the loader and slipped on the ice and started to fall forward. Falling forward would have resulted in my body being run over. So I kicked so I would fall backwards and when I landed the loader was driving over my leg. I will never forget that for a the rest of my life. The feeling of almost dying.

    The guy driving the loader had no idea what had happened. So he just kept driving. I had to walk the rest of the way up to the office on one foot. I was taken to the hospital and had some X-rays done. I broke... nothing. Not one single bone was broken just badly bruised. It was some ugly, all purple and blue. A foot should not look the way mine did.

    As I said it was winter and crutches and water don't mix. I had just come in from outside, my crutches were wet (from the snow), they slipped on the linoleum floor and my foot slammed down onto the floor. I didn't use the crutches after that.

    Injury #3: I was working in a scrap metal yard and I was removing the broken glass from an aluminium door. I was wearing leather winter work gloves. I had my left hand on the top of the door and pulling the glass out with my right. One of the pieces went through my glove and into my index finger. The hole was no bigger than a quarter of an inch around. So not much to describe there. I had my boss look at and it was wrapped in gauze, nobody thought anything of it. Until I realized that I couldn't move my finger all that well. This was three days later. I went to the hospital the Doc had me resist her trying to straighten out my finger.

    We both heard a snap/pop sound and I felt the most excruciating pain shoot up my arm. When the glass went into my finger it had cut through one of my tendons and partially cut the other one. What we heard was the second one snapping. That hurt like hell.

    I had surgery and everything was supposed to be better. That is if I had continued my physiotherapy. I just didn't see the point. Every time I would go she would say that I was progressing very nicely. I wasn't even doing the exercises she asked me to do. So how could I be progressing? I figured that it would all work out.

    My finger is almost as good as new. I can move it, just not a full range of movement.

    Your little boo-boo doesn't seem so bad now does it Steve? :P

    So which one is my worst injury? I can't decide.
  • I had a couple when i worked for a heating and AC place. Once i was working under an aprtment and the extension for the light was too short and got unplugged so i turned around to go get another extension when i "found" a piece of sheet metal. It sliced into my wrist and just barely missed the vein. I'm not one to let injuries bother me so i taped it up and worked the rest of the day....they eventually forced me to get stitches but they thought i'd sue them or something.... The second one was when i was loading the truck up one day and i accidentally stabbed myself with a piece of sheet metal and though it hurt i thought nothing of it until someone told me i was bleeding.....Sure enough my entire left arm was covered in blood and was dripping constantly. It wasn't all that bad but those are my worst "noticeable" injuries. My broken left arm(which i still haven't gotten fixed) would probably be the worst non-noticeable(to others that is) injury. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Lesse, i got a big pointy piece of glass go through my right wrist(still got the scar) i one slit my left wrist with a stanly knife(no im not suicidal) and last monday i skinned my arm against the sandpaper-like wall in my skoll sports hall.
  • being younget than most of those who have posted here, i have not had had as many horrendous injuries, especially not those that I can remember.

    Nearly getting half an ear sliced off after doing an earplant on a wooden fence was very painful. Also had a few faceplants, loads of sanndpapered skin, and getting hit between the legs a lot (playing groinball, yes, stupid i know!)

  • Originally posted by crashkart@Feb 5 2003, 04:37 PM
    (playing groinball, yes, stupid i know!)


    what the heck is 'groinball'!?!? :blink:

    The biggest most awful one that I can remember was back when I was about 6 years old. I was outside in the backyard alone, jumping rope. Back then we lived in Southern California, so it was the typical cement backyard/patio. Well, I got a foot caught on the rope and tripped, falling FLAT on my face, with my mouth open, which rammed my two front top teeth all the way back up into my gums from whence they came!!! I bled like a stuck pig for I can't remember how long, and the entire lower half of my face was not just bruised, it was BLACK!! My gumline where the teeth went back in was black also, and I can't remember how long it took for them to grow back out, but I remember it was a horrific mess!!! :(

    That's the most awful injury that I can remember.
  • I've been thinking (wich is hard for me BTW) and inspecting my body for scars and such but it seems as though I have never had a bad injury leaving a scar of any sort ever in my life. I have inflicted some major wounds on people around me, all in accidents I might add.
    The worst one happened to my little brother.
    When he was about 4 years old I helped him climb up a big container (those you throw garbage in) from wich he naturally had to inspect if gravity was working. Luckely a wooden pallet was there to stop his head from smashing into the concrete.
    They found his two front teeth stuck in it the next day and send it to him in the hospital by mail.
    He turned out rather good anyways, had brown front teeth until he had them fixed so I guess it's a rather funny story about brotherly love (me trying to kill the baby) if you take it the right way.

    EDIT: I've come up with something to brag about. My left nostril is smaller then my right due to a childhood accident were a friend of mine threw a big chunk of wood straight into my face were upon the nosewing came loose. I taped it myself and it healed pretty well.
    I also have busted my self up quite a few time downhill skiing. Just the usual stuff, not noticing that there's a tree in the way while racing down the montain and miss judgeing the angle of a few jumps leading to flat back landings with loss of breath and memory as a result. ;)
    And then there was this one time when I sprained my finger while trying to do a football tackle on my dog. The dog was smart enough to move to the side and my hands carved down into the ground bending my right longfinger to an unhealthy angle.
  • Hi just an update... My finger seems to be getting better, but that wasn't just my only injury (just the most resent one). I've had branches stuck in where the sun don't shine (back side) try explaining that one to your dad and the doc (not easy), had a metal apple juice can (for those who remember the "Allen's" apple juice cans) thrown at my head and cutting me right beside my right eye, "snow surfing" (sliding down a hill while standing up with no tobagon (sp?)) slipping and breaking my left foot, slpitting the top of my head open (thinking that I was "Superman") and meeting a barbed wire on a ceiling, ohh and here's my favorite one, the day I almost killed myself (drum roll please...) playing hide-and-go-seek in the night, in a small apartment in Greece and running right through a doulbe glass door and almost falling off a two story balcony with pieces of glass sticking out of my body. Places where the glass was stuck as per the fine Greek medical physicains told my perants:

    -on my left upper lip splitting my lip in two
    -on my right knee
    -on my right hand
    -in my chest
    -and the sweet one that almost did me in...on my jaw bone on the left side of my mouth. The doctor said that if that piece of glass where just 1 inch lower it would've surely cut my jugulor (sp?)

    Well those are most memeroable ones.

    Ohh and all of these injuries I had in my youth I have really calmed down now. BTW in not suicidle those were just immiture accidents.

    Thanks for your posts some of them are really grusome. Keep'em comin'

  • I don't get injured a whole lot, i guess you could say that i ain't one to take an unheathly risk(well, not without proper safety equipment).But one time i was riding a skateboard (first and last time) and i ran it off a curb. Landed head first and woke up in the hospital 45 minutes later, man my head hurt for days, i'm still not the mentally :blink:
  • Im not one to get injured a lot. Get hit a lot, with a cricket ball (I've lost some feeling in my left leg, thanks to that). My worst injury, cant really think of it, it would either be when i slammed my finger in my door, or when i get hit in the finger with a cricket bat.

    Yes, what on earth is groinball, sounds painful :blink: . Certainly wouldnt do it myself. If its what i think it is, a person who plays that will end up sounding like Michael Jackson. :o
  • I had a sheet of glass come down on my right pinky finger like a guillotine. It went halfway into the bone before it stopped. Severed all the tendons on top, still cant bend it on its own, have to bend all fingers for it to move.

    Opening a bottle of Carona at work with a church key, the neck snapped clean and went through the inside of my right thumb. It severed all the tendons and the artery in my thumb, numb to the touch but still works 15 stitches later

    I wont be doing Madge's dishsoap commercials anytime soon. Hands look like they've been through a meat grinder.
  • Originally posted by jdm1108@Feb 6 2003, 06:14 AM
    I had a sheet of glass come down on my right pinky finger like a guillotine. It went halfway into the bone before it stopped. Severed all the tendons on top, still cant bend it on its own, have to bend all fingers for it to move.

    Opening a bottle of Carona at work with a church key, the neck snapped clean and went through the inside of my right thumb. It severed all the tendons and the artery in my thumb, numb to the touch but still works 15 stitches later

    I wont be doing Madge's dishsoap commercials anytime soon. Hands look like they've been through a meat grinder.

    JDM, you and I should start up a support group. I as well have to use my middle finger to close my index finger. It took me awhile to get used to doing it but now I do it without a thought.
  • Jeez you lot sure have a lot of gruesome injuries. Lemme see the worst injuries I've hard:

    Injury#1: As a very young child (read toddler) I liked to run madly about the house all day long and one day I had an unfortunate accident involving a lw, square, coffee table that my parents still have. I whacked my head off a corner and had to get about half a dozen stitches and according to my mother the doctor didn't even bother to give me any anaesthetic. Although I think he came out worst since when he was nearly finished my small foot came into hard contact with a rather sensitive area of his body. He he he. Served him right for not giving me any anaesthetic.

    Injury#2: I was playing football in the back garden when I stepped on a rather large an rusty nail that was attached to a piece of an old wooden fence that had been torn down a few years before. It went about halfway through my foot. But wait that wasnt the worst bit. The worst bit was getting the tetanus injection at the hospital.

    Injury#3: This isnt the worst but it was extremely painful. About 8 or so years ago I was up a tree with one of my best friends at the time and I made the mistake of going onto a rotten branch. Now this had happened a time or 2 before and normally I just get up, laugh at myself and then start all over again. This one was different because the tree was right beside a burn (a stream to all you non-Scotsfolk) and this particular burn was pretty rocky and I fell right onto all those nice sharp (and thankfully small) stones and sliced all of my back. Plus I wasted a pair of trousers, a t-shirt and a jumper. Thankfull my friends house was only a couple of minutes away so he helped me there where his mother washed my back and cleaned it with antiseptic stuff (now THAT was sore) and then gave me a loan of some of Jamies clothes until I got home.

    Apart from those I've just had the usual plethora of bike aciidentsd where my knees and elbows were scraped red raw. Oh I just remembered #4. Now this one is more embarrasing than any of the others and for it you'll need a teeny bit o background stuff. My youngest sister has psoraisis and it's so bad she's been in hospital twice (each time for a period of about a month) for coaltar and UV treatment. It was the second time and me, the parents and my other sister were visiting the hospital. Now on one special visit I did something rather dumb. I was running ahead when my mother told me to stop. I didn't bother but I was distracted enough to run into a rather nasty thorn bush (not poisonous thankfully but just really sharp) and I was picking thorns out of various places below my waist for the next year. Some were MUCH more painful coming out than going in. I'll leave you lot to work that one out yourselves.
  • [quote]Originally posted by Forger@Feb 7 2003, 07:20 PM
  • Hope y'all don't mind, but I just remembered another one that was pretty creepy to a five year old. (that's how old I was at the time)

    I was running around in the house (geee, who hasn't when they were that age!?) and had just gone past my Mom in the kitchen. Well, apparently I'd not heeded previous warnings to stop, so she grabbed my arm just as I was going 'round the stove, and I was caught at just the right angle with the front of my shoulder up against the stove when it right out of its socket, and my arm right above the elbow!! :blink: Needless to say, at five years old, I was rather freaked out to see my arm hanging there like that, limp from the shoulder down, and another sort of limp from just above the elbow down!! :(

    Geeeeez, I can't believe that I'd forgotten about that one!!

    Then, there was the time (when I was three) I was walking up the back porch steps of the neighbors house. The steps were concrete and high, and my little legs just couldn't make it, so I tripped and hit the outter corner of my right eye on a corner of one of the steps!! Never did get stitches (though I probably should have) and still have a scar there to this day. Sure makes applying make up a pain in the butt!
  • My worst injury was when I went to my friends house and his dog bit me two times. I didn't need any stiches but it bleeded a bit!
  • I'm pretty clumsy so I get myself into all kind of mischief.

    So, here are a few of the injuries I've endured through the years:

    First off, got my nail popped (not ripped) from the skin when I was sitting on a skateboard, and lil' sis just happened to push, crushing my finger and causing it to pressure itself right cleanly out of place, blood all over my clothes.

    Secondly, head smash no. 1. At about five years of age, I was happily chasing after friends in a toy store, weaving in and out the shelves, and then, kablam, I smash into the sharp end of one of these shelves, yet again, blood everywhere. I needed stitches too.

    And lastly, head smash no. 2. Last year I was calmly walking around school, near one of the buildings, and someone from the inside opens up a window, straight into my head. I shook off the dizzy feeling, and I didn't actually realise blood dripping down the side of my face untill I passed a teacher with an "I just saw a ghost" look on his face, got the rest of the day off school and got to miss one of my tests though. And also with this, there was blood, but instead of having stitches, I got the skin glued back together, weeeird.

    I'm sure I've had more injuries than those few, but I've probably gained memory loss from them too.
  • My worst injury was when i broke my wrist...i dont know what it looked like...it wasnt gross or anything. i had a pink cast...bright pink....i broke it when i was rollerblading down a steep hill at the age of 9. sheesh that seems like forever ago! lately im in the habit of running into inanimate objects!
  • Hmm possibly my worst injury ever was when I was young baby under a year I had started to walk a 10 months and needless to say I was a bit unsteady, well I had wandered outside and my father who was working left a shovel on the ground with the blade end up and I tripped and slammed my head onto the blade of it... 3 stiches later I was fine no brain damage or anything except a little scar on my left eyebrow.
    On a lighter note I have had only one broken bone and it was a hairline fracture on my pinky when I tripped and landed on my hand with my pinky bending so far as to touch the back of my hand.

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