• Hey guys, I finally got a ps2, well not really im barowing one from a friend.
    Well I poped in Xenogears and my last save was on First and Last was the title. Meaning im almost at the end of the game.

    But I dont know what to do. I go to Dues and its underground full of robot monsters in there. You get a map to see where you at but it doesnt seem like you can get anyware new.

    Unless I havent walked around the area enough to find some secret endrance to the final boss or something.

    But I dont know what to do. I think I already got all the relics because there are other places on the world map that show where I got the relics from. And Weltall (feis gear) I think is at its max on its gear. Its like all whute and blue and really powerfull.

    So can anyone help me find my place or show me the direction to go?
  • At this time you're no longer piloting the Weltall but rather Xenogears. It's not the same mech and is much more powerful than Weltall ever was. Ok, you're going to want to get into the North Eastern corner of the map. I wandered around forever before i realized that i had to keep watching the map. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • oH YEAH, Xenogears. Forgot thats what he was called been a while since I played.
    So since you wondered around there for a long time in the dues place you must have gotten really powerfull because of all the battles you had to encounter.

    So do you recomend building up my gears. I mostly use Fei Bart and the one guy that wheres a green outfit. Do you recomend pumping up anyother of my characters?
  • I use the same exact party and lets just say that with a triangle attack i can hit for over 3k with Xenogears and while Bart only does a few hundred with regular attacks, Citan(the guy in green) can attack for over 6k. Leveling up may come in handy and you only get some Angel AR every now and then but you get alot of AP and money too(though i already have over 500k). I haven't really leveled the others up though. Oh, make sure to visit the light house which is near the middle of the world map as there is some good stuff to be found including a little to the story. Also be sure to take that nano-girl(i forget her name) with you as she'll experience a little "growing up" of her own. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Okay, so I guess I will hang around there for a while and level up.

    I already went to the light house a while ago, that nano-girl grows up, thats preety cool, and it shows fei, like i guess in another life time, creating the girl and stuff.
    She becomes more powerfull but I dont use her rarelly ever. Most Fei, Citan, and Bart.

    So Level up Hellave and then go to the North-east part of the map and move on alright, cool thanks for the help Madhtr I appreciate it.
  • hey..you should also try completing fei's deathblows.. it helps a hell lot..when fei learns
    his final blow called yamikei which lamost deals 6k damage alone.! it rocks! also if your able to learn this blow you'll be able to use the most ultimate blow of XENOGEARS called kishin! it deals like 9999 damge! (only available in maximum level gauge of your gear)! ^_^.oh yeah theres a shop in the light tower which sells str drive and all other drives! it gives you 1 or 3 points in your STR when you use str drive! rock on!