• Hey, I never even played Dark cloud 1, the game just didnt look like my kind of game.
    SO I get this OPM demo in the mail and it has a Dark cloud 2 demo in it. I played it and it seemed preety cool. For an Action RPG.
    It showed a couple of movies, and it showed how the new system of how I guess you create your town has become better, and I guess it has, I thought it looked like a simcity type thing, then it showed that you can fish and then take the fish to trane them to race against other fish, I thought that was cool but more like the Chocobo races in FF7. Also it showed this game that was exactly like golf but the hole was this holographic thing floating in air. THe sound and symatics of the golf game looke like it game straight from Hot Shot Golf. I think because both games are from SCEA.
    Also the gameplay and story was preety cool. I enjoyed it.

    Just wanted to know if anyone out there was looking forward to this game, and/or has played DarkCloud1 and what there thoughts about it.
  • It's like this, if you enjoyed the first DC then you'll love this as it takes the genre even further but if you didn't like the first then this title probably won't sway you in it's direction. The animation is beautifully done and the new features added inthis game as well as the updated features that made the first game good will make this game one of the best, if not the best PS2 RPGs on the current market. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I can't wait to get this game. I loved the first one and the second looks much better (which is the way sequels should be).

  • i liked this 1st one but towards the end it got very repedative. i'm looking forward to this tittle and how the it differs from the 1st
  • It is so diff. than the 1st one it is sad. The 2nd one is much better there is more stuff to do.
  • Yeah I just bought it about, I and it is really cool. I love it. It gives you alot of freedom on what to do, like the georama system and the invention system and with the weapons abillite system, not to forget the great mini games.
  • I liked the first one, but it was too easy I beat that game in a week or so. I was skeptical about the second so I rented it first, it blows the 1st one out of the water. I mean, you actually have to use your head a little. Granted, both are a little childish in there graphics and what-not, but I am too so it's just perfect for me. I hope they come out with another one in the future, it will probably be even better. B)