Help with X-men Wolverine Origins
  • hello guys,

    I love the game. just got it yesterday. I have one problem.I made it out of the control center, now i am stuck in the temple. there is a wheel you can turn to make statues come out of wall, but they go back in as soon as you release the wheel. there is also a little statue you can push around for use to jump on, but where does it go. i see where the exit is using senses, but just cant get there. please help me.......thanks...
  • This was one of the more frustrating spots for me at first too as I was trying to get to that ledge after the second statue. Turns out that thing is a "red herring", so to speak- ignore it and jump from the second statue to the ledge that has that pushable statue. Leave it right where you had it to get to the boards blocking the statue before and climb up to the small ledge. You can jump from there onto the third statue's platform and to the exit on the other side as it is sliding back in.
  • Dont know if you figured this out yet but you have to break all the things holding all the statues in place. Once all 3 statues move you will then have about 10 sec or so to jump across to the exit. The last statue is blocked by something high up so you have to kick down the movable small statue to jump up on a ledge to destroy the wood holding it in place.

    On another note if you have gotten by this and made it to the first temple on the towering inferno I need help. When you climb the rope you get blocked by a branch, I can jump to the tree limb but cant figure out how to jump over it or where to go from here. Any assistance would be great...
  • I think i've broke my C letter on my keyboard on that part of the game, with the statues and ...t, it kinda s...s
  • who knows how to jump in the third helicopter? hlp
  • There is no real trick to this, just steer yourself so that you avoid the blades.