Code Breaker Or Gameshark?
  • I'm interested to know what the difference is between Code Breaker and Gameshark for the PS2. Is one better than the other?
  • I have Game Shark for mine and it works fine. For my PS1 I had both, but preferred the Shark.
  • Code Breaker is made by Pelican and while it has it's own codes, it also allows for the use of Gameshark codes. The bad part is that it's cheaper than the Gameshark(by cheaper i mean it isn't very good quality). Gameshark WAS published by Interact and developed by Datel. Datel let the contract with Interact run out so the "Gameshark" will now be known as Action Replay(as it is in other countries). The Gameshark namebrand was recently sold to Mad Catz so you'll probably see a new Gameshark cheat device but it's not the same Gameshark as you've known it. The closest cheat device to the old Gameshark will be the Action Replay. No worries though, all Gameshark codes will work with the Action Replay when they release it. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Thanks for the info. I have Gameshark for my PS1. Which one would you reccommend for the PS2?
  • I would probably go with the Gameshark. Basically i'd choose that over the Code Breakers because i trust Interact over Pelican. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I dont know Mad, I love the GS for the PS1 but despise it for the PS2. Heres the reason:

    -I was loading DOA2 codes into the GS for the PS2. I went to hit enter and the thing froze. I couldnt exit out of anything so i had to manually restart my PS2. Whe i went back into the GS code selection screen...There were no codes!! none! zilch! all the preloaded codes were gone!!

    Suffice to say i was angered and never touched the GS since then. Ill probably use it soon because i feel guilty not using Christmas presents to their fullest.

    I warn people all the time about it in stores. I advise you to not buy it. If you do you take a big risk man.
  • You take the same risk buying a game for your PS2. Any third party product could be defective or have problems. It's the choice of the purchaser what they want to risk their money on. Basically when it comes to electronics, you take the risk of it not working right or sometimes not at all. I had a GS2 and it worked fine for me but for you it messed you said, it's a risk but it all depends on what the consumer wants. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I have to agree with madhtr, anything which is not SCEA is a risk you take. SCEA approved that is. With my PS1 I found that all mem cards which were not endorsed had an above average rate of dumping on me. Losing over 100 hrs of material to save a buck or two just wasn't worth it.
  • Thanks for the info from all of you. i understand what you're saying and i appreciate your information. thank you