Light gun games issues
  • Hello,

    I own a PS1 with a guncon 1 and a PS2 with a guncon 2. Some of the games I have work and some dont. I play Point Blank 2, Gunfighter and Time crisis on my PS1 (with guncon 1) but my copy of Elemental Gearbolt doesn't work. The buttons on the gun only allow me to go into the game without being able to go in the options to calibrate my gun.The game starts but nothing happens when I aim and shoot... very frustrating. If someone knows how to fix this, please help...

    I also have Time crisis 2 which I play on my PS2 slim with a guncon 2. Sometimes I can shoot only the bad guys in a very limited area of the screen, and other times it doesnt work at all... I also have Resident Evil Dead Aim for PS2 which works fine.


  • I found the solution... BRIGHTNESS

    The brightness level required for the gun to work correctly seems to vary from one game to the next. Unless my TV is on the fritz, which I dont think it is, adjusting the brightness level when you change light gun game is working for me.

    I replied to my own post because if someone else has the same problem, the solution is here (at least one of the main cause for failure of a light gun game if you ask me)