Secret Agent Clank
  • Hi. I just defeated the robots in the area where the make the bolts. I am stuck in a room where it looks like a robot is stuck under the floor and he's waving his arms. I don't know how to get rid of him or what to do to go to the next level. Help please. Thanks.
  • Can you be a bit more specific as to which level this is? I'm having some problems locating this spot you mean (nothing about a robot waving their arms from under the floor). It's possible you ran into a glitch.
  • Hi. I'll check tonight what the actual level it is. I already returned one game and exchanged it for a new one when this happened the first time; the guy at the Game Stop where I returned it said it might just be part of the game, so when it happened with the second game, I thought maybe it IS part of the game.
  • Hi. Of course I wrote down the level and left it home, but it's Something Currency, and when he lands, he is looking at what looks like fiery hot lava. I think it said he has to defeat the robots to get to the vault. Hope this helps. If it's a glitch, no one else has run into this? Or, is it possibly because I'm playing it on a PS3?
  • Hi. The actual level name is Hard Currency, and you have to find a way from the bolt factory into the vault.