• What exactly is the emotion engine. For example when I play metal gear solid 2 or grand theft auto 3 I see that when you point a gun at a person they would shiver or run away. Is that the emotion engine? It just looks like programmed character movement. I seen characters on PS1 act scared. So what is the big deal? Plus I noticed that on GT3 that when I put the difficulty on proffesional the other cars dont get mad like they say.

    Someone please give me info! :blink:
  • No,that isn't what they meant by the "Emotion Engine".That was simply the name they gave to the main chipset of the PS2,just like the supposed chip for the PS3 is nicknamed "cell".
  • The Emotion Engine isn't actually the "main" chipset but rather the graphics interface utilized within the PS2s internal workings. The game's have a built in user interface and NPC interaction interface that has nothing to do with the emotion engine that runs the graphical capabilites of your PS2. The "Cell" is the "main" chip for the PS3(which is scheduled for mass production in late '05 to early '06) and the graphics interface will be a combination of 2 Emotion Engine chips working in parallel with each other creating about 10x the power. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.