Help! I Desperatly Need Help With Ps2 Online Adapt
  • Hey guys haven't been here in a while and I got the PS2 ONLINE ADAPTER and I really really really want to play SOCOM online! I need help I put in the start up disk entered all my info. I then went to automatic setup and entered my pass and username then I pressed connect and nothing happened I got a failure to connect 3 times. I went to manual setup and it says I have to enter my IP ADDRESS AND NETMASK and Router ADDRESS and PRIMARY + SECONDARY DNS ADRESS. I need to know where I can get these so I can play! HELP. :(

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  • never mine that! I need to know how to make a account so I can play SOCOM!!!!! My name is Kaliman
  • uhh now that I have made an account I keep on getting kicked off? DO any of you guys know why? It says disconnected from network.
  • One of my friends had this same probelm. The SOCOM server is down right now. As I don't have online for PS2 (stupid bills) I am out of this loop. If you have more questions email the games creators

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  • Good to see you've been getting these things figured out for yourself,A.J. As for why you would be getting kicked,the only thing I can think of is problems on Sony's end-they have been having troubles with their servers for this.
  • Get used to "Disconnected from Network" as the servers get more and more players it just happens. Socom is working on the problem and has come a long way since christmas. There were times you had to keep trying and trying just to get in. trust me it's getting better. I play in US west as you guessed it.............. XR8TD look me up and i'll show you the ropes. To find someone your looking for, enter a room and choose PLAYERS, then scroll the players until you find who you are looking for. Don't get discouraged if you get killed ALOT in the beginning everyone does.
  • The only thing is that I get in there but I try to get in a game and don't see any games set up or anything? I was thinking maybe when I do get hooked up maybe we could have an APi clan? Because I used to play a lot of Counter-Strike and I could kill any terrorist that came 20 ft away from me.. :D
  • You know I have had the Network adapter setup for 2 days now and every single time I try to play a game or find a person or a game period I get "Disconnected from network" meaning I have not played once since I sey it up. I am going to write an email to them saying that and saying that everyone should have a far chance and block people off to play! :angry: :mellow:
  • Do you have DSL, cable or dial up? You should have cable or Dsl for the best connection speed. Dial up is too slow to use so maybe that is the problem.
  • No I have DSL. :huh:
  • You shouldnt be getting bounced that much. Yesterday (Saturday) for eg. I played 6 staight hours and only got bounced 2 time's the second time being at the end when I was logging off anyway. Have you played other online titles like Tribes AA? Do you get good pings? If SOCOM is bounceing you before you even play one game somthing is wrong. Phone Sony 1-800-345-SONY, and contact you ISP make sure your internet is running proper. A few times I have had trouble and the SOCOM servers where working (usually its the severs) my ADSL was only running part speed due to maintenance.

    Good luck getting it all working well hope to see you online, I play in US WEST and CANADA WEST in "Evil RANDOM" and "Chronic Death RDM" join for a round and say hi one day.
  • Well since that hasn't been working good I got an xbox and xbox live for christmas an i've been playing that and so far I have only been knocked off once. I think xbox live is better. ;)
  • Xbox Live always seems to work better because it's all run on Microsoft servers and their endless support. Sony doesn't have a huge support crew so sometimes they have trouble running their server for Socom but they only have to worry about their servers as games for the PS2 are all run on the publisher's servers. Like for Madden 2003, it's run by EA but it's not online for the Xbox because EA wouldn't allow Microsoft to run it on their own servers. I feel sorry for the folks who're going to be playing Everquest Online Adventures as i can just imagine about all the trouble people are going to be having with that......Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • The Everquest servers for the PS2 version are run by the same team as the PC Everquest so it should be as good (or bad) as the PC version. The beta testers on the PS2 Everquest forum say it ran as perfect as you could ask for during the beta test.

    Which then brought up the question, why are Zippers SOCOM servers so unstable, and the Everqust servers so stable never bounced people and didnt lag?
  • The Beta testing was done on full servers so regardless of who was playing there were a limited number of testers where as Socom could have 100s of thousands of people wanting to get in at the same time which could be rather troublesome for a server to handle. There are also bugs and viruses that could slow things down as well which they may not have run into during testing. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.