trouble loading a saved game!
  • Hey!

    Im having a little bit of trouble...

    a few months ago my ps3 broke (a common problem apparently) and i ended up being given a new one, so i saved all my games to usb, and uploaded them onto the new one. Ive come to play one of them and when i try to load the game it comes up with:

    "unable to load game as the save is owned by another player"

    at first i thought this was because i have two log-in's, so ive tried using the other one, copying the save and between the two and it still wont work. All of my settings for the game and the save are in my saved game data file and yet it just wont work!! :confused:

    Any ideas??
  • There are some games that don't take too well with their saves being transferred like that. Not sure if there is anything you can do about that one other than start over. :(