Hi Everyone
  • Hi everyone. Got tired of few and far in between sneaked times on my nephews playstation over the years and finally got my own PS2, wondering why I waited so long!!! Glad to have stumbled on this friendly group as I was looking for some help - have posted in the expert help section. So far my favourite game is God of War 2 - love that sort and shooter ones - Call of Duty, Black and 007 Quantum of solace. Also like driving - Grand turismo 4 and WRC rally. Prince of Persia two thrones, Tomb raider underword and devil may cry round up my collection so far. Gld to hear from anyone and please help with Black - have to start from the beginnig of the first level every time i switch on and it's driving me nuts!!!
  • Welcome to APi, wesurf. :)

    Glad to see someone with such a good taste in games :D. Nearly every game you've mentioned are part of my collection too! :o

    Helping you will be no problem. Anything you need just post in the expert help section and we'll see if we can help, you've came to the right place.;)

    Again, welcome wesurf and i'm glad that you've found us. Please be active on the forums and enjoy the community!

    Anything you need feel free to contact me or another member of staff.

    Rob C.
  • welcome to AP Wesurf!hope you like it hear and feel free to ask qustions! once again welcome!
  • Many thanks guys. Lyndon helping with the problems so no worries there. Rob, must admit to a bit of luck with my selection turning out so well as didn't really have much info on which are good games. Shooter types like Call of Duty and Black and the God of War (whatever the type this game is awesome?!) - would appreciate your recommendation on others games like these or better.
  • I would definitely have to recommend the Ratchet and Clank series to you, wesurf. They're a little 'kiddy' compared to God of War and Prince of Persia but are some of the best games i've ever played- a LOT of fun! ;)

    Also, any of the Jak and Daxter series, Medal of Honor's, Brothers In Arm's, Star Wars Battlefronts, Ico, Shadow of The Colossus... and many more but i don't want to put you into debt :laugh: ;).
  • Welcome to the forums wesurf! Glad to know that you're enjoying yourself with these games. I mainly play fighting games but have played some Final Fantasy and Resident Evil games in the past. Good luck with Black!
  • Thanks Playstationfan. You said it - i am so totally stuck in Black in the final room of the Tivliz Asylum! I just cannot get through that battle - sometimes I get to where it tells me I have a new objective but always get killed before I can finish! Help!
  • Welcome to AP wesurf!!

    As you can see, you have happened upon one of the best (Absolute) PlayStation sites to be found anywhere! Great members, helpful staff and just an all-around AWESOME site!

    It is hoped that you enjoy your stay here as much as I have and look forward to seeing you around the forums!!