Batman:Lego(PS3)--How do you make the long jump in Fun at Big Top w/o Glide Suit?
  • It's the stupid jump right before you get to Harley Quinn, from what I can gather, where you have to jump off the dock over the water and setup the tightrope. Unfortunately, I can't seem to do this w/o the glide suit and thus am stuck (and extremely frustrated) -- any help?
  • Using Batman's sonic suit destroy the glass doors in the area to find Robin's magnet suit. Now exit and head to some buildable legos near the water. They create a rotatable lever. Rotate the lever to raise a metal wall Robin can now climb. At the top he builds a grapple point that will allow both characters to move over the fence.

    Once over defeat some more enemies and begin destroying the tables and chairs. This destruction leads to the creation of a suit changer and Robin putting on his attract suit. Pick up at least 25 lego pieces and input them into the attract machine. The machine builds the ladder that allows you to proceed. Enter the hall with the funny glass windows.

    Move past the boats and their little houses. Destroy the hot dog stand and put together a rotating lever. Push it around to open the gate on the side. Inside the gate is Harley Quinn.
  • Ugh, thanks a bunch, man, I'm a frigging idiot. I didn't even know that hall of mirrors led somewhere so was convinced I needed to make the long jump. What a waste of several hours. Thanks a bunch!