Old System, Newer Games
  • I just got a older Playstation from a friend. It works okay. But it will not play Triple Play 2000. It gets all the way to the part where you chosse the teams and it stops and acts like it's loading the whole game. It is really starting to become a pain in the a**. I bought the game and I have yet to play it. The disc has no scratches on it at all. Is it the system or what. Please help me! :ph34r:
  • It's possible the disc drive in the old PlayStation system is starting to go-mine had finally died after 5 years.If you can,first check the game in another system-chances are slim but it may be a defective disc.

    I'll send this post to the PSOne Questions forum in case some of the members have any ideas.
  • Many of the newer games('99+) seem to have a problem playing in some of the older PSX models. This is a problem that Sony acknowledged but they gave no solution and actually i don't think that there ever was a solution.......Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Remember also...

    Sony introduced mod-chip detection in many games at around that time too. If the console has a chip inside that lets you play copied games this could well be the problem on newer titles.